At Pittsburgh Integrated Therapy, we focus on infants, children, and adolescents as whole beings; intricately connected, integrated, and able to respond and communicate with the world around them. We focus on their ability to function happily and peacefully in their environment, and the desire to become independent in their daily activities.  ​

We support parents and the professionals that work with them by providing education, empowerment and encouragement. As your child's greatest advocate, our hope is that you gain confidence and feel capable to successfully manage the daily challenges. 

We strive to:

  • Understand the body's level of intrinsic stress; how rapidly it is wiring, communicating and responding to the environment

  • Observe how an infant or child is motivated, how they respond to signs of stress, and or the difficulty they may have with engaging, organizing and attaching

  • Recognize the body's story: birth / family history, genetics, medical complications, surgeries (invasive / non-invasive), muscle tone, and stressful environmental factors

We are excited to meet you and your child and to provide you with the tools, techniques, input and  therapeutic interventions to meet your family goals. 


Body Work


Occupational Therapy (OT) treatment at Pittsburgh Integrated Therapy focuses on helping children with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives. OT can help kids with various needs improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills. OT can also enhance self-esteem and personal sense of accomplishment.

A child’s main occupation is playing and learning, and occupational therapists can evaluate kids’ skills for playing, school performance, and daily activities and compare them with what is developmentally appropriate for that age group.



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